A Bride Design Studio Tour


My Studio DeskAs an avid MTV Cribs watcher back in the day, I’d always eagerly wait for the part in the program where the rock star or NBA player who’s showing off his or her mansion (or guest house, luxury apartment etc.) arrives at the bedroom. Nine times out of ten, said celebrity would quip “…so this is where the magic happens.” I’d roll my eyes and think…”typical,” then go back to munching my Doritos. For most artists, including me, the studio is “where the magic happens” (at least the work-related magic). I thought I’d offer you guys a little tour through my world via a Flickr set. But today I wanted to focus on my favorite part of this office, my studio desk.

I think I probably spend more time at the computer these days, but in my view this desk is still the birthplace of much magic. It’s where ribbons get tied, papers get chosen and cut, drawings are created and embellishments attached. It may look like just a desk, but it is a friend to my creativity. It’s also where a lot of the affection I feel for the projects I do, gets added in to the mix.

My favorite thing about this desk is the large self-healing cutting mat. I almost don’t remember what it was like to live without it. Other faves include, the space saving stacking canisters (perfect for eyelets and brads) I got from Jen for my birthday, and prismacolor colored pencils with a great box that doubles as a “stand.” Forget the ribbon dispenser box that’s off to the side there, it doesn’t work a lick! I think a ribbon storage/dispensing area is going to be my next project. Right after I get around to making those curtains…

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