A New Year, A New Perspective on Success…


A few weeks ago, I was assisting in my daughter’s preschool class when this quote that was taped up on a wall, caught my eye:

“The Creative Arts are an important part of learning, discovering, developing coordination skills, and expressing feelings. To engage in creativity is to build self-confidence and gain self-image, because everything a child does in art is successful. There is no right or wrong.” -Fran Batchko

I don’t know who Fran Batchko is, but I like the way he/she thinks! I know that not everything we entrepreneurs do in business can be successful, but as an artist this quote gives me a new outlook for 2009. By believing that everything one (be it a child or adult) does is art is successful, we allow ourselves to create more art! If there is no chance of failure, we take more risks and try things we’ve never tried. Boundaries are removed and many times we create something we had no idea we could create in the first place!

So this year I resolve to build my self-confidence as a designer, and to gain an increased positive self-image for myself and my business, by using art to learn, discover, develop and express. How will you be creative in 2009? Whether you are a bride, a fellow stationer or entrepreneur, a blogger or writer, a visual or performing artist, an accountant or an engineer, I look forward to seeing what you’ll create in the coming year!

4 Responses to "A New Year, A New Perspective on Success…"
  1. Great perspective! It is so easy to get down and convince yourself that you make crap. Lots and lots of crap. But I need to remind myself of the same thing I use to tell my students: you have to make lots of really bad art if you want to make one piece of really good art.

    Good luck in 09!

  2. That is an awesome quote! I’m going to start 2009 with a creative kick by connecting and being around smart, positive-thinking, forward-looking creatives like you! (And no, that is NOT a kiss-up!) 😉 Positive thinking is contagious!

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