An Artist’s Toy—Painter’s Palette Constructibles Building Set


My 4 year old and I don’t always agree on toys, but my Mother-in-law just hooked up my little girl with a plaything we both love! We’ve been having a blast with Mudpuppy’s Painter’s Palette Constructibles Building Set. My little one is quite proud of her creations. Creations which naturally need to wait in a safe place, away from 2 year old sister, until Daddy arrives home and can view said masterpiece. I’ve enjoyed discussing the set’s “not-your-everyday preschool colors,” like chartreuse, olive, or coral with her.

Besides being very well conceived and designed, this toy also encourages hand-eye coordination and creativity, as well as an understanding of balance, shape, structure. I also like the Bold Patterns version. I’ll admit, I found the set so entertaining I’ve considered busting it out and playing with it on my own time. Of course it’s purely for doing research on color combinations for future wedding invitation suites. Of course (*wink*)…

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