Another Operation Nice Love List: I like me…I really like me!


The oh-so-nice Melissa at Operation Nice, recently assigned another love list. You may remember my last attempt here. A visit to Molly’s Artful Sentiments Blog reminded me to get crackin’ on this one. Her list was so inspiring. I knew it was time to make my own. This one seems a bit tougher as it needs to be all about me. I even tried to challenge myself further and include a self-portrait I took not too long ago (still feeling the cringe-factor on this one, but I’m powering through!). So here it goes. Here’s what I LOVE about myself.

I love my freckles. And my choice in red highlights (so much so I included them in the last list too!). I love the color of my eyes (green with gold flecks) and that their color changes depending on what I’m wearing. I love that I’ve become a good cook over the years. I love that I’ve grown to be more accepting of me as I’ve gotten older. It really takes a load off! I love it that I was raised in a loving family with great parents, two sisters and a brother. I love it that I shared a room with my sister Kathleen my entire life. That made adjusting to a college roommate easy. I love it that until I was 16 my family lived in a small apartment. It seems unique, as I don’t run into many people that grew up that way. It also made me respect others’ privacy even when it’s hard to come by, and allowed me to experience the joy of a busy, fun, brimming with love home. I love that my youngest siblings are 9 and 11 years younger than me. I cherish my memories of them as babies and toddlers. I love that I was a late-bloomer and didn’t really date much in high-school. Conversely I love that I was a boy-crazed maniac who always had a crush on some cute boy. I love that I eventually became confident enough with guys to get one of those crushes to ask me to marry him (10 years later, but who’s counting?). I love doing my hair and makeup (when given the opportunity). I love that I have to sing at least 3 lullabies to my two year old EVERY night. And I love it that I probably enjoy it more than she does. I love that I grew up singing and know the gift of song and music. I love that I can not have looked at a clock for an entire day and still guess the time correctly within a few minutes give or take. I love being a mom. I love that I am spiritual and have faith. I love that I can draw and paint and that I can use these mediums to express things I might never be able to express otherwise. I love that I spent the majority of my life dancing. I love it that I have made mistakes and learned from them. I love it that I lived alone in a big city where I essentially knew no one and made a life (complete with friends!) for myself. I love that I get stronger every day. I love that I have the power to love.

But enough about me! What about YOU? What’s one wacky thing you love about yourself? Whether you’ve done this assignment or not, I’d love to hear what you guys have to say. So get your comment on kids. Making that list was difficult but encouraging. I’ve gotta say, being nice to yourself is a pretty nice feeling. Thanks Operation Nice!

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  1. Yes, Molly, it does feel good. It’s also interesting. I realized after I wrote it that some of the things I now love about myself were things or experiences I really disliked at one time or another. I guess it shows we are richer for every experience we have!

  2. Hey lemondrop. I have an awesome hairdresser who’s a certified Goldwell master colorist. We’ve played with the formula a lot over the years, and finally have it down to 1 process (we used to have to bleach, then color) for my highlights. Of course we also need to color the rest of my hair for gray coverage (yikes!). The woman is a hair chemistry wiz. If you are from Central NY let me know and I’ll give you her info.

    Gotta give a shout out to all my fab hairdressers over the years…Ivana (Chicago), Melissa (Providence), and Kristi (Syracuse). You guys rock.

    My number one tip to getting great highlights is to ask for someone who specializes in color when making an initial appointment at a new salon. Oh yeah, and when moving and/or switching colorists always try and ask for the formula you’ve been using on your hair. Get it in writing if you can. It will help the next colorist immensely.

    Probably more info than you needed, but I hope that helps. Geez…I am waaaaaay to into my hair.

  3. Love the list Erin! We really are lucky….even if some of the things didn’t seem to be “Blessings” when we were younger!

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