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Here’s my entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s 6th Annual Children’s Holiday Story Contest! The rules were that it must be inspired by “The Twelve Days of Christmas” AND under 300 words. I’m not sure which was harder. In the end, I spun up this story inspired by the culturally diverse school…(Read More)

It’s already starting…”Moooooooom, I’m BORED!” In an effort to keep my kids busy when I need to fit in some time painting home portraits, working on my children’s illustration projects, or designing for clients, I created this printable based on this fun acronym I’ve seen around the internet. My favorite…(Read More)

I often forget until I am painting a home portrait, the joy that these projects bring me. One reason I love them, is the opportunity these paintings provide me to “hold space” for others in my own way. “Holding Space” as I’ve come to understand it, is a practice in which one lets go…(Read More)

In a way, “ruckus” is the perfect word for me to illustrate this week. One goal for my work lately is to make it less “precious.” I can stand to be looser, and more free with my drawing and painting. I’m intrigued by the idea of making my work more appealing to children, by…(Read More)

One place where the illustration and arts-loving community enjoys coming together, is Each Friday a new illustration prompt is suggested and artists, many artists, create a piece that fits their interpretation of the prompt. Those pieces are then submitted and shared for the greater internet to enjoy. I’ve recently started a…(Read More)

A lot of people are confused about when to send announcements, party invites, and thank you notes. Tiny Prints did a nice job of summing of graduation etiquette in this infographic. Click on the link below to check out their designs if you’ve got a grad in your life and I’ll be doing…(Read More)

House Portraits


Home Sweet Home I’ve had a wonderful response to the watercolor house portraits I’ve been creating recently, including this one I did of my own home (with few adorable kids out front…I know, I’m biased). It is an honor for me to create these unique artistic keepsakes for homeowners, former residents…(Read More)

One of my favorite parts about blogging is sharing favorite things, and  finds with readers. So, I figured with the start of my new site and blog, I’d start a regular segment for just that…and I thought I’d name it after two of my most favorite things: Chocolate & Cheese! Wine should…(Read More)