Back, and ready for another vacation.


Thankfully, for us stateside ladies Labor Day is here. Nothing like coming back from vacation, working for a day or two and then settling right into a long weekend. I am so ready for Fall to begin. Cozy clothes, brisk mornings, my two little ones headed for preschool three mornings a week (9 whole extra hours to myself!!!). It’s totally going to rock. And while I’m sure I’ll spend a good chunk of those 9 hours right here at the computer desk, I still feel the need to get ye olde wardrobe back up to speed. Which means…SHOPPING.

I’m going to kick my own personal fall fashion fest off with a little girls’ shopping trip this weekend. Jen of She Takes The Cake, did some sluething and found a Becky OH! trunk show in our area. Becky’s unique and fashionable bags are little symphonies of color and pattern. I also have a great appreciation for the shapes and forms she uses in her designs. Thanks to the internet I’ve known about Becky’s work for a while, but I’m looking forward to checking out these goodies in person.

Enjoy these last few days of summer everyone! Of course I realize it will still be very warm, even where I live, into much of September. But I can’t help but think of breaking out my boots, shawls, and smartwool knee socks. These are the BEST socks ever and they come in super sweet damask, herringbone, and stripey styles. HAve a great weekend and I’ll be back Tuesday with regular posts and lots and lots of design ponderings. After all, it is EVERYWHERE.

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  1. Good to hear you are back! I’m so looking forward to fall too — its my favorite season. I pulled out the sweaters and corduroys yesterday and can’t wait to switch over my wardrobe. And of course, I agree, shopping is in order!!!

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