Beautiful Budget Wedding and Event Design Ideas


I love helping hosts, especially brides, make their wedding vision come to life. It’s even better when I can help them work within their budget. I refuse to sacrifice style and quality of workmanship, so often times my money-saving solutions come in the form of “killing two birds with one stone.” Such is the case with the table number towers I’ve created.

These lovelies serve as table numbers (or names) on two sides of the square. They can also include fun trivia about the bride and groom, a message of thanks, a note about a charitable donation in lieu of favors, or as in the case of these towers, a menu, on the other two sides. These pearl and ivory towers photographed by Laura Brazak, were a big hit with the couple and guests alike.

Other budget friendly stationery design techniques that I like to use are a postcard response, for more casual weddings (fun and they save on materials and postage), and menu or favor cards tucked inside an envelope that can serve as your place cards. These envelopes look charming addressed and lined up on a table at an event. They’re also stunning pinned to a fabric covered board placed inside an open frame. My favorite part of these envelope/place card combos is that the various table names or numbers are printed in the menu or favor card that goes inside the envelope. Only the guests names appear on the outside envelope. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, that means the event hosts or planners can make last minute table additions and switches with ease and without stress (and without having to call the calligrapher when time is running out!).

Bride Design offers table number towers like the ones featured here starting at $15 each. They’re shippable nationwide, made with the finest papers and embellishments, and can be created to match the color scheme of any wedding or event. For more info on these, our invitation suites, or other reception items, head to our website or contact admin at bridedesign dot com. Happy planning…and never ever give up beauty for budget! Hopefully these ideas prove you don’t have to!

2 Responses to "Beautiful Budget Wedding and Event Design Ideas"
  1. Erin, these are fab ideas. I love that you’re conscious of the empty pocketbook syndrome we see as the wedding approaches, but you still can offer such beautiful ways to tie everything together to make the event even more memorable for couples and guests.

    The envelope idea is genius! Would be helpful to an additional vendor who has to place dual purpose favors/place cards on that table too! Wouldn’t a box of truffles with the envelope centered on the ribbon be gorgeous? Ooh! Inspiration just hit! (emailing you!)LOL

  2. Very cool 🙂 – I do a lot of combination items too where it makes sense. No reason in using extra paper if we don’t have too!

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