Beautiful Buttons


I love buttons and have acquired quite the little collection over the years. When I lived in a studio apartment in Chicago with some sweet retro metal kitchen cabinets, I fashioned a bunch of my favorites into magnets. But between having a business and two kids three and under, I feel like I NEVER get to do personal projects anymore. Still, I did manage to squeeze in these awesome little rings not too long ago. They come from a pdf tutorial that can be purchased (quite affordably might I add!) from Sew Bettie. Easy, and super fun, I love the results and just how creative I could get on my own, while sticking to the pattern. Now instead of these lovely buttons sitting in a box, I can wear my collection wherever I go! So the next time you are feeling crafty or the need to expand into some other media for a change (I know we’ve all been there!), check out There just might be a pattern or tutorial that inspires you!

4 Responses to "Beautiful Buttons"
  1. Those are adorable! You and Jess are on the same wavelength, I’ll have to have her over so you can teach her to make these. I kid you not, just yesterday she and Em were arguing(“we’re not fighting, honest mom”) over how often Jess plays with her button collection and her defense for keeping them all was “Well! Erin has a collection!!”

    Great memory, I barely recall you telling them about yours!

    Anyway…I’ll be sure to show her this post today. Better learn how to make mini’s Erin… 😉

  2. I miss playing with buttons…I use to have a great collection when I was working for the doll company. It was great, I was able to call up our antique dealer and spend hours going through all of her amazing buttons. I love yours, their great.

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