Break me off a piece of that ART!: GIGART


I’m headed off to Brooklyn this week to get a much needed date night with the husband and to see one of our all time favorite bands, Swervedriver. For those not familiar with The Shoegazer scene, these guys took that swirly shoegaze sound and merged it with more traditional rock aesthetic (driving guitars, songs about cars etc.). The husband and I met in college in the early 90’s and even though we didn’t get married until about 10 years after that (I’ll save that for another blog post) this band’s music became a big part of the soundtrack to our romance.

Being that my husband used to buy cds like they were nickel fireball candies at the local Woolworth’s (aaahhh to have a bachelor’s budget!), there are a lot of bands that were part of that soundtrack. With toddlers in the house we’re often stuck listening to Dan Zanes or Ralph’s World. We’re working on introducing them to kid-friendly pop from our own collection like The Beatles and They Might Be Giants…but it’s not like I can just go around listening to Joy Division or Rage Against The Machine when the mood strikes me anymore. As a result, we’ve started investing in some amazing concert posters to decorate the walls of our home. One of my favorite’s is this 2003 Jets to Brazil poster from artist Gregg Gordon of GIGART.

Besides it’s unique design and incredible colors, this poster has a story that I love. Before I was a fan of the band Jets to Brazil, I was an even bigger fan of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The Band takes their name from a Brazilian tourism poster that hangs in the background of Holly Golightly’s perfect New York apartment (perfect to me at least!). This sweet silkscreen is created to look just like that poster and the added addition of the concert info, from one of my favorite Chicago haunts, makes it even cooler to me. I have it framed and hanging in my home office and I love that I get to “live” with this piece everyday. From Blur to Interpol, Jenny Lewis to Cypress Hill, many beloved artists are represented in the GIGART portfolio. I love that each design is as unique as the music and band it’s created for, yet still stays true to that GIGART style.

If your interests go beyond concert posters, GIGART has done a ton of packaging design, album art, editorial illustrations, logo design, and more. GIGART also has a sweet line of apparel called Tough Chick. My 20 month old most certainly fits that description, so I think I need to grab a toddler shirt for her real soon.

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