Bride Design’s Interview with Genevieve Fridley Photography


For those of you who saw my personal Christmas card, you’ll probably remember the shots of my dancing daughters in their tutus by incredible local talent Genevieve Fridley. Today, I have the distinct pleasure of being Genevieve’s first victim (ahem, I mean guest) over on her blog. Her interview questions were fun, challenging and even taught me a little bit about myself. I was reminded of how much I deeply love weddings and creating invitations. Weddings are in my blood I think! As well as how much I love working from home in my slippers. Genevieve’s keen photographic eye and easy-going way with her subjects are only a few of the things that make her an amazing photographer. In fact, I wish I could see my life through Genevieve’s lens on some days, because I think it possesses the useful super-power of making ordinary (or even somewhat messy) things, look just plain, beautiful. So head on over and check out her photos, or more of my ramblings. I borrowed the picture above since it includes one of my favorite shots from our session, the one of me and my Pantone books.

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