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I’ll admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been to the movies. But then again, having kids will do that to you. Happily, fellow Central New York Wedding Vendor, Jennifer Comfort of She Takes The Cake convinced me to indulge in a girls night out so that we could see the new Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway flick Bride Wars.

Sure there are a lot of clichΓ©s about weddings and today’s brides throughout the plot. Then again society’s steady diet of Bridezillas will do that to a film. But I am a sucker for a comedy, as well as a wedding and ALL that emotional, insane, and thrilling planning that goes along with it of course! This movie had all three. Do we chicks deserve a better flick? Perhaps, but Anne Hathaway’s Mystic Tan mishap did crack me up. I also loved her doing the “Sprockets” Dance. While I don’t believe real-life best friends would ever go to the extremes these brides do, there were a few moments where I realized how much ridiculous pressure I put on myself to have “the perfect wedding” when I got married 5 years ago. Thankfully, I was also reminded of just how much I loved weddings as a little girl and how blessed I am today to be able to be part of so many couples’ special days through creating their invitations and stationery wardrobes.

So while it might not be for everyone, I think a trip to the movies for Bride Wars would be perfect for that bride who’s hit her planning wall for the moment and needs a laugh. It also might be right for the bride who wants a fun evening out with her maid of honor, to thank her for not being Anne Hathaway or Kate Hudson, but rather an amazing best friend and support system. Hey, these two wedding vendors even found a few things to chuckle about and discuss. That’s why Jen and I are both both giving a pair of tickets on our blogs!

Just leave a comment telling me what your favorite wedding movie (or wedding scene from a movie) is, and you can win $20 in Fandango bucks, accepted at most theaters around the country. If you’re not sure if your theater works through, just type your zip code in on their home page and find out. After I sift through all the entries and come up with a very scientific way to choose the winner, I’ll let you know who has won Friday morning and send out those fandango bucks post-haste via email! You can even double your chances to win by entering on Jen’s blog too!

Looking forward to hearing all about your favorite wedding scenes and movies!

8 Responses to "Bride Wars Ticket Giveaway!"
  1. I’m going to go with ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ only because it always made me feel good after being dumped in college. Something about the gorgeous leading lady not getting guy lifted my spirits and helped me get on with my days… πŸ˜‰

  2. The flashback montage in The Story of Us includes clips of their wedding. It is totally dated, especially her headpiece, which makes it so real. This section of the movie never fails to make me cry. Every single time. The movie is all about what marriage is really like; impossibly difficult at times, but vital and worth it.

  3. I have to say Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer…”Again, something that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!!!!”

    BTW – I loved The Story of Us – Exactly like she said – “The movie is all about what marriage is really like; impossibly difficult at times, but vital and worth it.”

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