CARGO Cosmetics’ Glossy Greetings


As I’ve mentioned before I’ve got holidays on the brain, and while I’m perfectly capable of making my own gift tags thank you, sometimes I like to throw friends for a loop and do a little something special. In other words, something purchased and not handmade by me. That’s why I’m hoping CARGO Cosmetics releases another annual addition of their Holiday GlossyGreetings™ Tags! Last year this set of 5 seasonal greeting tags with a little button of CARGO lip gloss built right in retailed at around $7.50 for 5 tags (not bad). Even more appealing, CARGO donates 100 percent of the proceeds to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

I’m sure I’m a tad bit too early for this product release. It’s only September after all and the USPS doesn’t even release their holiday stamps until late October or early November. But like any good (and fashionable) girl scout, I like to be prepared. What girlfriends’ backpack, uuuhh I mean clutch, couldn’t benefit from some stashed single-use lip gloss ready for any holiday party emergency? That mistletoe will get you every time! So be on the look out for these adorable little tags, I know I will be!

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  1. ok, the visual has me in a tizzy! As a child of a long time MK consultant…with a daughter who loves it when her Mima unloads all her lip color button sample cards, I can totally see Jess making bootleg lip gloss hang tags now! 😉

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