Christmas in the house!!!


Bride Design is happy to announce our new collaboration with!Hey Pretty Cupcake takes the work of indie artists and designers and creates fabulous and useful items for all to enjoy. From buttons and magnets, jewelry to ID holders, there is something for everybody at the Hey Pretty Cupcake Etsy Shop. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to be able to share more of my work with the art-appreciating public. As I submit illustrations, they will be added to HPC’s offerings.

I had such a blast creating a cupcake themed Christmas tree illustration for this year’s HPC’s ornaments. Please support me and the many other talented artists featured on Hey Pretty Cupcake with a purchase this holiday season. HPC is even offering a fabulous deal 1 ornament for $6.00, or 3 ornaments for $15.00 (Save $3.00), or 6 ornaments for $25.00 (Save a whopping$11.00!!!). It doesn’t have to be the same ornament or even the same artist! Which I really like since variety is the spice of life. The Etsy shop link above will take you right to my ornament’s page. I think my yummy cupcake tree will surely catch the eyes of your friends and family, so add some awesome art to your Christmas tree this year! I know this independent designer will love you for it.

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