Color My World: Dark Teal


thick & thin zip – dark teal, 2. Puffed Heart Dark Teal, 3. Cheapy Blue, 4. Cable detail, 5. Sheila D Zippered Corduroy Pouch: Dark Teal/Burgundy Tosca Lines, 6. poison ivy, 7. Maelstrom Handspun Merino Yarn – 85 Yds, 8. Dark Teal Chairs, 9. Azure~
One of my greatest design inspirations is COLOR. So I thought I’d start a regular blog feature about just that. I love watching wedding and fashion trends to see what colors are going to inspire the latest events and designs. I’ve also got a few great resources for you on this topic. One is the COLOURlovers Community, a site that bills themselves as a resource that monitors and influences color trends. Pretty cool. The other is something I’m sure many of you have heard of or have even used, Pantone’s Color Trends Reports. Like this one for spring 2008 fashion and home. There is so much that influences my color choices as an artist, designer, and individual: my clients, my moods, industry trends and plain old personal preference. I thought I’d start this feature out with a new personal favorite, dark teal.

My favorite thing about this color? Its versatility. It goes great with black AND with brown. I love it paired with other darks, like burgundy, plum, or rust. I also think it looks great with peach, pale pinks, and a variety of light greens…colors I would not normally wear or choose to work with, but which gain some depth when paired with a strong partner like dark teal. For an unexpected punch of brightness, this color looks great with magenta or a lemon yellow. My favorite pairing…dark teal and crimson. ‘Cause I just LOVE red. Enjoy these gorgeous photos from around flickr, and be sure to chime in if there’s a color you love or one that I’ve missed that you’d love to see with this delicious, deep sea, dark teal!

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  1. Oooooh, I love this color board! As a fellow color-lover, you know I’ll be checking back often for your next color post! Who doesn’t want a splash of color here and there once in a while! That teal Merino yarn is making me want to pick up my knitting again (that and the cool season coming up!)!

  2. Fantastic post!
    I love the teal eyeshadow.
    Teal and red is fab fab fab!
    I also love teal paired with a rich cream colour. Actually I like anything paired with cream!

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