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I’m headed out of town today and I won’t be back until Monday, but I did want to leave you guys with a post while I was gone. I’m sure almost everyone who reads this blog has heard of and is more likely also a reader of Helly Becker’s fabulous blog decor8. Not too long ago I was reading a really thoughtful and neat post by Stephanie over at Design Healing, where she talked about her contributions to decor8’s Inspire Me Giveaway. I was so inspired I decided to clean studio myself and send a few contributions from Bride Design and Sweet Talk Boutique. The stash included fabric, papers, cards and envelopes, embellishements, notions, ribbons and more. It was a joy to compile this little package and also quite fun to see some of my lace trim and peacock feathers show up in pictures on the (newly redesigned I might add) decor8 blog. After 1,060 comments/entries (can I just say WOW) the winners were recently announced. I was so thrilled to have Bride Design and Sweet Talk Boutique listed as a contributor, beside so many other AMAZING artists and businesses (Of course I was not surprised to see a few of you guys on that list too!). This was a great lesson to me on the VERY contagious nature of inspiration! Have a great weekend guys!

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  1. I saw your name on that list too.
    It was fun to round up all the bits and pieces in the studio that I have been hoarding and send them off to Holly. I still have a lot left. Maybe we should do it again!

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