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I would be a sad designer, business owner, crafter, mom and friend, had I never found the creations of Jennifer Ramos of Textile Fetish. I am in luuuurve with my stylish, sushi-themed crafty work apron. Perfect for working in the studio (or around the house), it’s sturdy pockets easily hold scissors, a crop-a-dile, bone folders, pens, your phone or ipod, and more. Plus, it makes me feel extra skinny when I wear it, which is a nice bonus. I don’t do many craft shows, but I’d think this would be a must-have for those that do. My best friend Nicolle liked mine so much, she got one of her own for cooking!

At the National Stationery Show I got a bunch of compliments on my Textile Fetish sock monkey card holder and I can’t wait to stuff a few stockings this year with these adorably green coffee cup sleeves. I’m no knitter, but my friend Cynthia is and once I saw Jennifer’s knitting needle and dpn/crochet hook rolls, I knew I had to get one for her (In the skull bandana pattern of course!).

But my favorite Textile Fetish offerings by far are Jennifer’s children’s clothing. I mean, just look at the Mod Jumper…could there BE anything cuter?! I love the added touch of the vintage buttons. And I know I need to get a couple tiered skirts for my girls who love to twirl. Recently, we took a family trip over to the Farmer’s Market in Ithaca and everyone we met gushed about the gorgeous pants set from Textile Fetish, not unlike the one shown here, that my daughter was wearing.

It is such a joy to dress yourself or those you love in handmade garments. I’m sure that joy is doubled when you actually made the garment yourself. But while I may have my own textile fetish, my sewing skills don’t quite see the action they used to. Textile Fetish’s offerings are beautifully crafted with high quality fabrics, in the coolest of patterns. I really enjoy Jennifer’s fabric pairings and feel she sincerely considers the end-user in her designs. Her kids clothing is roomy for lots of active play, but fits well (a good fit can be tough to come by in Toddler sizes). So whether you are an artist, a best friend, a kid, or a coffee cup….you might benefit from knowing about Jennifer’s wares. As I said before…I’m glad I found Textile Fetish!

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  1. I love Jennifer’s creations too!
    I was given one of her aprons last year as a gift! I love the fabric combinations.
    I will have to check out all her new things on her web site right now!

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