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Cameo Necklaces from around Flickr1. Vintage Cameo Necklace, 2. Kelly – Cameo Necklace, 3. Ghost Cameo Necklace, 4. Alabaster kitty cameo necklace, 5. Bakelite cameo necklace, 6. Very Romantic Vintage Cameo and Pearls Necklace, 7. bow n vintage cameo necklace, 8. Bronze Cameo Charm Necklace, 9. Vintage Cameo Necklace Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

I opened my most recent issue of Victoria Magazine (yes, it’s back!), and immediately came across a huge ad for this Italian cameo maker. I know! Isn’t their stuff gorgeous? I have always been taken with the beauty of cameos and the history behind them. Both the history of how they are designed and created, as well as the history of ownership. Gotta love the mystery and nostalgia of antiques! Unfortunately, I can’t afford an Amedeo cameo at the moment. Still, I have hope that someday I might! In the meantime, I decided to scout around flickr and etsy, and there is much to be had. Just take a look at the diverse group of cameos above!

How about that stunning black bakelite cameo? Or the sweet one with the kitty and the delegate gold bows? The traditional cameo paired with the modern green stone necklace is a total knockout. And that indigo blue one with the subtle, shimmery orange accents. What can I say, I love ’em all! In the meantime, I’m off to check out these designer’s shops! Happy Monday everyone…

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