Dangerous Curves


After reading an interesting review of Doyald Young’s book Dangerous Curves over at Typographica, I’m thinking it’s got to go on my reading list (or should that be…my design eye-candy list?!). Of course it’s a little on the pricey side and I’ve got about 15 books about parenting my (spirited, persistent, insert other adjective here…) child gathering dust on my night stand, but I’d like to get to it down the road. I spent almost my entire sophomore fall semester in design school hand-drawing roman type. Think Trajan’s Column, or the modern day all-caps version of this beauty by Young himself which has a little more finesse than my version (no pun intended). A dastardly assignment that I secretly sort of enjoyed, my endless attempts at drawing the perfect roman “O” left me deeply intrigued by the creative process of designing fonts, drawing letter forms (be it on computer or by hand), and the improvement and editing that goes into such an endeavor. It sounds like Young’s thoughts on that last note are very informative. So many books…so little time!

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  1. Oh, that sounds like a book I want to have too! Thanks for sharing Erin! Designing typefaces is something I always wanted to set some time aside to do — ever since I met Sumner Stone at his studio for a design school project. Seeing a type designer at work is something that I think is fascinating and inspiring.

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