Dear Santa…


Recently, I helped my 3 and 2 year old daughters write letters to Santa (using this adorable freebie from stationery pal Three Wheels Design). I was charmed by my 3 year old who asked me to write “I was mostly good this year.” And chuckled at the fact that my 2 year old is way more into reindeer than Old Saint Nick himself. This little endeavor, combined with some encouragement from Melissa of Operation Nice, has me drawing up my own little letter to that right jolly old elf. So here’s what I want this Christmas.

Dear Santa,
I’ve grown up a bit since we last talked (which was oh, I don’t know…when I was 25 or 26 and desperately wanted a husband for Christmas?!). You’ve always been generous with me. I’ll never forget my cabbage patch kid from Christmas ’84. I was 11, but still loved (and played with) Patrice Suzanne, for a good while (*blush*).

What I’d really love this year Santa is TIME. I know that’s not exactly something you and the elves manufacture up at the North Pole, but maybe you can still help me out just a bit. I would love more time to lavish my children with kisses, and listen to their thoughts and feelings. I’d love more time to design and dedicate to work, building up my business and helping it to grow. Of course I’d love some date-time with that husband I finally ended up securing not long after I placed my request with you (go figure). Of course, I knew him all-along, but isn’t that always the way?! I would love more time to volunteer for causes I care about and give of myself to those in need. I’d love time to help my parents and mother-in-law adjust to their eventual retirements, and the life changes that come with getting older (and wiser and better). I’d love some quality girl-time with my sisters and best friends. And last but not least, I’d love a smidgen of time to myself…to listen to the music I like (rather than Dora The Explorer), draw a picture, or for goodness’ sake—take a well-deserved nap.

The impossible gift of more time is what I’d like, but here’s where you come in. Santa, please help me remember how precious time is. I’m all about Christmas spirit (as you well know), but admittedly there are times throughout the rest of the year when my spirit lacks. Right around June my tidings of comfort and joy, can turn more towards cranky and jaded. I get stressed, and the little bit of time I am blessed with ends up getting wasted on worry, frustration, and disappointment. So, if you could just leave a bit of extra holiday cheer and spirit in my stocking this year, I’d be oh, so thankful. Help me remember that time is a gift to give myself and those around me, all year long.

Thanks Santa!
Love your friend,

PS plenty of cookies and hot cocoa will be waiting for you at our house!

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  1. I can definitely relate to that letter! I think having more time would solve a lot of my issues (e.g. the piles of dirty dishes, the paper work that I keep putting off, the fact that I can’t even watch ONE Netflix movie a month).

  2. Fabulous letter! I laughed when I read that you asked for a husband when you were 25, I used to wish the same thing. Maybe it’s having the husbands that make us all need more time now? ;o)

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