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My friend and collaborator over at pointed me towards a great site a week or two ago: I love the aesthetic of the site as well as their product ideas. Any company that has this to say about packaging design—”Many companies enjoy packaging their goods inside nasty materials covered in gaudy graphics.That’s because many companies are controlled by crazy people.”—is A-OK in my book! While you’re visiting the site there are lots of things to do and look at, all presented in an orderly and legible fashion that would make my college Swiss design professor proud. A visit to their blog is sure to give you a chuckle. You can design your own “Help, _______” T-shirt in their store section. I personally want to get one that says “Help, everyone spells stationery…as stationary!!!” Just a little pet peeve of mine. Lastly, be sure to check out their “help I am BORED” area. While there you can find all sorts of easy remedies for toplessness, homesickness, stupidity, aggression and more! So props to the designers over at Thanks for adding some more good design to cyberspace. And thanks Jen for for being my design buddy.

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