Down from the shelf, “Creativity for Graphic Designers”


When I’m feeling creatively spent or (I hate to admit it) a little blocked, I often turn to “Creativity for Graphic Designers” by Mark Oldach. It’s not much of a picture book, which I like since most other design books are. Instead Oldach focuses on getting the most out of the creative process and more importantly the client/designer relationship. One trick of his that I quickly added to my routine while working in the corporate world was to have a “decompression” session with yourself after the initial client interview. Unloading all of the many ideas that stem from the energized back and forthing of a client meeting, while you are still energized, can be really helpful! To this day I struggle a bit when working from notes and find myself wishing I had made time to flesh ideas out further right after meeting with clients or collaborating designers. Oldach also has great tips for stretching your creative muscles, setting up all important boundaries with clients, and more…

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  1. Oh, I have this one in my design library! You know it’s a classic when you can pull it out years later and the exercises still applies!

  2. Oh, sounds great! Thanks for sharing! I will have to check it out – could use a good dose of creativity right now. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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