Drizzle Day


It’s been a gray day here and of course I’ve got actual work to do. Not fun work, like making invitations or working on designs. But quickbooks work, paper work, the day-to-day office/contracts/email sort of work we all love. To perk myself up, I thought I’d post one of my more recent cheery designs. These were truly inspired by the orange and pink color scheme, my love for stardream quartz paper, the need to justify purchasing envelope liner templates, and my never-ending desire to use my crop-a-dile (hello eyelets!). The flowers are cute too.

Now I just need to find an outlet to sell these puppies. I toyed with the idea of an Etsy shop, but I don’t think that’s for me. I’d love an online shop of my own, but the programming, expense, and decision making that goes into that seems overwhelming at the moment. Obviously, I’m leaning towards the latter and exploring the many other delicious, but frightening options available for selling my work. I’m sort of stalled at the moment, but looking at this vibrant shot makes me think I need to take a leap of some sort. A leap that radiates the same amount of energy, juiciness, and shine as these cards. But until then…it’s back to paying bills.

3 Responses to "Drizzle Day"
  1. They are so fun! You should do Etsy, just to get you started. Link it to your website. Best to get your feet wet than to dry up in the sand : )
    It’s easy for me to say, doing, I know is completely different.

  2. Etsy would be a good starting point for goodies like these- so bright and cheery!

    I’d much rather make those than paperwork, LOL, what’s that anyway??

  3. I, too, think you’d do fine with etsy. You have nothing to lose.

    BTW, I loved your comment about my son! Thanks! He makes me proud! Don’t forget he is Geneseo bound!

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