Ellie Bellie Kids’ Classic Play = Classic Design


Just got an email from one of my favorite, favorite, companies…EllieBellie Kids. I’ve blogged about the EBK tutu before but I couldn’t resist giving them another shout out. I recently ordered…Ahem, I mean put a PO in to Santa’s elves for…two ADORABLE EllieBellie super hero capes for my daughters. In fact, I went on and on about them so much to my sister, that somehow I infiltrated my 3 year old niece’s consciousness and now she’s obsessed with being a super hero too. So, I just had to order two more. This time I was smart though and paid with the husband’s account (*wink*).

The email was alerting me to the latest issue of EBK’s online Magazine Classic Play. I love how the clean, modern, and classic design of the ezine highlights and further brands EBK’s totally sweet product line. Of course the photography (by Dave K Cooper) and art direction are brilliant as well. My first EBK purchase was for two delicious orange and yellow tutus (with pink and yellow reversible ribbon), and I so loved the Dave’s shots on the site, that I knew I had to use them in my own photoshoot with a local photographer Genevieve Fridley. The pictures of my own little sugar-plum fairies in their EBK tutus came out so great I’m using them as part of my personal Christmas card this year. Keep an eye out for a future post. I’ll be sure to share them with you just as soon as they get back from the printer!

In the meantime, check out EllieBellie Kids to find gifts for any super heros or fairy princesses you might happen to know!

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  1. I love EBK! Their stuff is beautiful and so well-made (and local for me in Baltimore too).

    I can’t wait to see your cards and pictures!

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