Everything old is new again!


The holidays are a busy time and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the “stuff” in your life. If you’ve been good, gifts will be making their way into your home, adding more “stuff” to the “stuff” you’ve already accumulated. One way I de-stress and hopefully prepare for an influx of stylish gifts, is to go through my makeup bag and start tossin’!

Even though there’s rarely an expiration date on makeup, it does go bad. So it’s important to periodically check products and throw them out accordingly. Chuck mascara every 3-6 months (I’ll admit I lean closer to 6) and eyeliner every 6 months. No one needs nasty bacteria hanging around on stuff that goes near those precious peepers. You can keep eyeshadow and blush for a year or so, after that it generally becomes hard and kind of chalky. If it’s still in great shape, use your best judgement. I can usually finish a lip color within 2 years, but if you’ve got one that’s been around longer than that, I’d give it the heave-ho. These days, I use powdered mineral makeup for the most part. Since I love it so much, this makeup cycles in and out of my makeup bag at a reasonable rate, limiting what I need to chuck due to old age. We’ll save the talk on taking care of your brushes for another post. Overall, I keep a relatively pared down makeup collection these days, which keeps the clutter to a minimum.

Wondering what to fill that empty cabinet up with, now that you’ve completed your clean sweep? Have no fear. I’ve got a couple of lists going over at Wishpot for just this reason! If you’re a bride-to-be definitely check out my Bridal Beauty Blitz list. You can even email a favorite item to your groom for easy shopping, or start a few lists of your own. Or, if you’re like me and love to share the gift of beauty with the already-beautiful mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends in your life, then take a peek at Holiday Hot: The Best Beauty Gifts Ever. Who knows, you might even end up buying something for yourself. Go on, you deserve it! After all, you did just do all that cleaning and organizing. Happy gift hunting!

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  1. I use the mineral powder make up too – love it! (as for mascara, sadly I quit wearing it – only because I’m too lazy to take it off at night) LOL!

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