Fab Find: Etsy’s Amalia Versaci Design


As we all know, there’s a recession going on. As a result I’ve curbed my buying habits, which were never all that crazy to begin with. Still, every once in a while I see something so perfect, so different, and so cool that I have to have it. That doesn’t always mean I buy it. But when that perfect, different, cool item also speaks to me in a very meaningful way, I do make that purchase. Such was the case when I stumbled upon Amalia Versaci Design’s shop via the etsy front page the other day.

With a love for all things zipper, Amalia’s shop offers bright, colorful, fun jewelry and more, created from vintage and custom painted recycled zippers. I haven’t even received my order yet, but I am so thoroughly excited about the vintage Talon brand zipper earrings (for me!) and the zipper pendant from the 1930s (pictured above) that I couldn’t wait to blog about them.

So what’s so meaningful about this jewelry? When I was a kid, in the suburbs of New York City, my aunt worked at Talon as a receptionist. The company produced (awesome) scissors, sewing notions, and probably a whole lot of other stuff, but we’re working from my 5-7 year old memory here. I probably only went to visit her once or twice at the company’s Manhattan offices, but that was enough to etch in my mind exactly what I was going to do when I grew up. I was going to be just like my aunt and work in the city. Although, I swore I would never wear sneakers with my skirt suit, no matter how uncomfortable that made my commute.

Eventually, I took off for another city (Chicago), but I always felt proud to have honored my childhood dream by working in Manhattan for several years. I solved the sneaker/commute problem by living there as well. Every once in a great while I’ll buy myself a little something to celebrate a milestone. When I saw these earrings I instantly felt they’d perfectly commemorate the times “grown up me,” has made “little girl me,” proud. I bought the pendant as a gift for my aunt, for always being a mentor and source of unwavering encouragement, whether she knew it or not. How serendipitous that I should come across Amalia’s delightful shop. But I wonder, what do you do to celebrate yourself? And what do you give to others to thank them for impacting the complicated but beautiful design that is your life?

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  1. Erin,

    I read with delight your wonderful passage about your aunt and the meanings behind The Zipper. This story touched me in so many different ways. I, too, have had so many experiences such as you describe. And I also scoop up those meaningful talismans. In fact, my home is filled with odds and ends that I have collected over the years that remind me of special moments in the same ways you describe.

    They call that decore Shabby Chic, but each item that I have collected has a meaning. I love to see the looks on peoples’ faces when they see these items. I am always anxious to share my memories with them.

    Enjoy your gift and now you know why I continue to make jewelry. It is so special when someone connects with a piece in that way!

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