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1. Scientific FUTAB, 2. almost-finished sock FUTAB!, 3. This is 14 of my co-workers that were willing to help me out for FUTAB, 4. FUTAB #1, 5. Incognito FUTAB, 6. 14 | 365 … futab, 7. FUTAB- Keep on Rollin’, 8. FUTAB a la Daisy, 9. Day 267/365……sunrise FUTAB
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Ever hear of FUTAB? It stands for “feet up take a break.” If you’re a Flickr member I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. There are over 300 Flickr groups just for FUTAB pictures! They run the gamut, from creative and tasteful to the well…not so tasteful. But overall I think the FUTAB idea is a great one and as you can see here, it often results in some artistic photography.

Between the daily stress we all face at times, concerns about the economy, and our societal need to move fast and get as much as we can, I began to think that those who practice the FUTAB philosophy are on to something. For you FUTAB might mean an hour getting lost in a favorite novel. For others FUTAB could be having fun with some co-workers (how cool is that shot from the cube farm?!). Or perhaps all FUTAB requires is just enough time to set up your shot and take it. But however one chooses to enjoy their FUTAB time, I can pretty much guarantee it will re-set or refresh you. Maybe not for the rest of the day, but for a little while at least. So enjoy some FUTAB time today. And if you do, feel free to chime in and share how you spent it. I might end up with a good book to add to my reading list or a new tea to try as a reult! If you are really ambitious snap a shot. Feet up, take a break…C’mon, you know you deserve it!

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  1. Earlier today I was about to go back to to the computer, when I glanced outside. Gorgeous October day. I was magnetically pulled on to the deck by the Fall air and sun. I cozied into a chair, and I’m happy to say the first thing I did was prop up both feet, crossed, on the table. It was bliss! Thanks for this FUTAB nudge.

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