Forget Sleep Overs, How about a Wake Up Party?!


When I was a kid I had a very fun friend named Kim. When we were in 5th or 6th grade her Mom bucked the sleep over trend, and instead hosted a “Wake Up Party” for Kim’s birthday. The best part of this party? It was a surprise for the guests! Luckily, I was one of the first guests to be woken up. My friend burst in one early Saturday morning while I was fast asleep, bounced on my bed and said “C’mon! We’re going to a party!” My mom handed me a gift for Kim and a bag packed with some actual day time clothing and we were off to wake up another 10 or 12 girls. After all the surprises, bed jumping, groggy looks, and laughter, we headed to Kim’s house for a big yummy breakfast, some games, present opening, and later cake of course. 24 or 25 years later, I may not have all the details perfect…but I have never forgotten that day as being one of the more fun and creative celebrations I’ve ever been to.

I was thinking about this party when I created these “good morning” designs for my new line Bear and Bunny Press.

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