Girls Night Anyone?


Things here at Bride Design are about as busy as they are at Santa’s workshop. Holiday time is always buzzing with activity, but I’ve also been swimming in card proofs and table numbers, ceremony programs and Sweet Talk Boutique cookie designs. I love being busy, but this morning I found myself thinking that when the opportunity for a break comes up it might be nice to unwind with friends for a Girls Night Out! And what better way to get those sweet girlfriends together than with a cookie invite, right?

Feel like hitting the clubs and dancing? An invite with our fab martini illustration just might do the trick. Want to meet-up for dinner and that new “chick-flick?” Then let Sweet Talk’s own little chickadee, shown here, do the inviting. Feel like dishing while eating some delicious desserts? Try personalizing your invite with our box of chocolates illustration. Your friends will be sure to feel the love. And in the meantime, while they think about what outfit to wear, they can curl up with their cookie ( don’t forget a paper invite is always included!), a cup of tea, and a good book. Which is just what I’d love to do right now…

Design jobs await, but I’ll be back soon with another post. Until then keep busy (that shouldn’t be hard, if I know most of you readers out there!) and of course, be good to yourselves!

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