Happy Birthday to Me!


Birthday Mosaic I’ve been hit with some creative inspiration this week, but have had no time to get anything on paper. As a result, I’ll make this brief and my birthday present to myself will be some time to design! I thought I’d celebrate today by sharing with you the delicious birthday treats from one of my favorite parties! My eldest daughter’s First Birthday. All of the delightful creations you see above were made by my friend Jen of She Takes The Cake, and were inspired by the two fairy illustrations I created especially for my daughter. One is a heart fairy and the other a star fairy. Guests were treated to heart and star cookie wands! There was cake for the grown ups, cupcakes for the kids, and the adorable pink fairy-dusted smash cake for my daughter.

A few years have passed since this occasion, but my love of parties, celebration, and fun never seems to go away. I think that’s why I love creating invitations so much. It’s a joy to share in the events and milestones of others and to help them make their own visions come to life. I was a little freaked out about turning 30, but I’m actually kind of excited about 35. There is something special about every year, aspect, and phase of life. And I hope my life continues to include lots of art and design and happy celebrations. Thanks for reading guys! And as Alice in Wonderland might say, “a very merry un-birthday” to all of you who aren’t enjoying a birthday today. Alice is so right too…there is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate (even if you have to make one up!). Have a great weekend!

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  1. Awww, those are such delicious and wonderful images! Happy, happy birthday! I hope it was filled with good moments, yummy treats and full of hearty laughter!

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