Winter Wedding
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The holidays are a busy time here at Bride Design. We are hard at work designing mock-ups for spring and summer 2006 weddings. Each wedding is special, exciting, and a joy to work on. This year we’re getting to work with some very cool themes, several inspiring color palettes and a wide variety of media. But there is more than just mock-ups going on these days!

Winter is close at hand, which brought to mind a lovely invitation I was honored to create for a wedding last December. Pictured here, it used embossed holly berry paper and a shimmering soft white envelope. The stylish ribbon resembled a bow on a Christmas gift and the envelope reminded me of newly fallen snow. In addition to wedding invitations, Bride Design gets into the spirit of the season by creating custom greeting cards and holiday party invites. Whatever your needs, we try to help make your stationery dreams happen. We might not be able to ensure that your letter to Santa makes it to the North Pole, but we can certainly help you put on the prettiest paper possible! Email us at if you’d like to find out more about holiday offerings or Bride Design in general. Happy holiday shopping everyone!

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  1. Thank you Erin!
    You may recall we ordered the Winter Wedding invitations for our wedding in December of 04.
    They came out beautifully. We had gotten many comments about them. Everyone loved them.
    So thanks again!

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