Home Designs with a Truly Modern Twist


Perhaps you all know about www.modern-twist.com, but this company recently come to my attention and I was quick to swoon over several of their products. I mean how awesome is this PJ Pocket Pillow?

Still I like their entertaining and dining offerings best. Their Coaster Notz, pictured above, are particularly fashionable and functional. Easily personalized (over and over again) with a ball point pen, your guests will always be able to find their drinks or could easily jot a little note to you about how fabulous you looked or what a delicious meal you made. Modern-twist suggests using them as coasters, placecards, or even wine-tasting notes. I also appreciate that part of the company’s goal is to enhance your home, by highlighting the grain of the table the coaster sits on, rather than providing the consumer with just another knick-knacky type coaster. They come in lots of hip patterns as well. I’m loving the black and white ones the best I think.

Also cool, Modern-twist’s designed Vinotagz. Again these work along the same lines as the Coaster Notz, as they’re easily personalized and wiped clean. With a storage holder that fits over a bottle neck, these would make a great hostess gift for the holidays. Most of their products can easily be found online or at a brick and mortar boutique.

Of course, I have to leave a disclaimer that I’m not employed by this company, and know little about them except that I like their designs. After al,l any site that claims their products have a “clean, versatile aesthetic” is a welcome (and much-needed) twist to my home interior. Happy Weekend everyone!

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  1. I love these and they would make great hostess gifts! I love to entertain (obviously!) and these are a must-have for me. I love the designs they have to offer, too… It is hard to find chic coasters, since most run along the novelty lines. Nothing is worse than getting a coaster favor at someone’s wedding with their picture on it!! (and we all have quite a few of those lying around)

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