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I’m exhausted, so I figured I’d pep myself up (or chill myself out) by sharing one of the most beautiful and relaxing places I’ve ever been, Peter Island. Peter Island is a gorgeous tropical paradise in the British Virgin Islands. In 2003 it won out over a short list of several other Caribbean hideaways, including Petite St. Vincent in the Grenadines, Hotel Guanahani in St. Barths, Cap Jaluca in Anguilla, to become the honeymoon destination for myself and my husband. As you can tell, we were going for remote and restful with our choices.

Since we’re from the Northeast we chose the Caribbean because we only had a week and didn’t want to spend too much of it traveling. That removed places from Fiji and Hawaii from the list. My husband had never been to a tropical location, and we knew if we went to Europe it would be “go! go! go!”…a never ending tour of museums, eateries, concerts and more. A Caribbean resort would give Pete a new experience (I swear the name had nothing to do with our final pick!) and we’d actually be able to re-charge after a year of wedding planning. The whole experience was just that! The food was incredible, the scenery breathtaking, and the service was second to none (I wish I could have taken Jean, the breakfast hostess home with me so that I could see her smiling face every day!). I discovered the best drink ever, The BBC (Bailey’s Banana and Coconut) and got to lounge on the beach contemplating the days of pirates and shipwrecks as I gazed over at the island “Dead Man’s Chest.” The weather didn’t really cooperate, but otherwise it was perfect. A very sweet way to start a wonderful marriage.

It’s chilly as I write this now, but all it takes is a quick glance at some pictures for me to feel transported back to this amazing island. We’re about to hit our five year anniversary and I have to laugh when I think about us sitting over a delicious lunch making plans to return in 5 years. Those years have gone by in a flash it seems, with two little adventurers of our own to show for it. So, a trip is not in the cards this year. Maybe at 10 years or twenty? Until then, all I need to do is look at a photo, throw on some Coppertone (it helps with the mood), and I can almost feel that sugary sand between my toes.

What honeymoon destinations do you love? Or what locales make you feel supremely rested? This traveler’s imagination needs some more fodder for additional daydreaming, so do share!

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  1. Hmm…maybe it was good the weather didn’t cooperate? πŸ˜‰

    We had limited time too- so ended up going to Block Island in RI. We LOVED it- there’s an odd feeling of seclusion there (plus we had no TV in our room at the inn we stayed at, so it was like being in our own little world). No second honeymoon for us for a while either…but it’d be nice to get somewhere warm this winter!

  2. Oh yes, the weather πŸ˜‰ They have a saying for that in the Caribbean…at least on the island we stayed on. When we’d look down-trodden about all the rain (which supposedly “never happens”) the staff would casually say “Hey! At least you can enjoy the ‘indoor sports!'” It took me a while to figure out what they meant, but when I did I got a chuckle out of it. Aaahh, to have that wonderful island outlook on life!

    AND…I used to live and work in Providence. So I too LOVE Block Island. It is very secluded and beautiful. I’ve only been to one side of it really (which is sort of weird ’cause it’s not like it is crazy big). I have great pictures from a day trip I took out there some years ago (before kids of course :)). What a great honeymoon choice. Actually, there are so many US locations that I think are romantic and excellent honeymoon choices…I think I might have to blog about those next. Mmmm…Rhode Island, now you’ve got me wanting a coffee milk and some johnny cakes! Thanks for the comment Carey.

  3. It is so funny that you posted this! One of my invitation designers and I were talking the other day about my own invitations and we got on the topic of honeymoons. Mike and I are really at a loss — we wanted to go to Italy and bask in the Tuscan country side but with the rate of our dollar verses the euro, we might as well declare bankruptcy now. She told me about Peter Island, where she spent her honeymoon, and now I am definitely going to look into it as an alternative! She did say that it felt as though you were in Fiji and it is such a unique and unknown hide-a-way. I’m not really a beachy gal, but I am an all exclusive luxury resort kinda gal! Thanks for posting this, Erin!

  4. We love the Caribbean – especially the BVI’s. We’ve been to Peter Island for the day. There’s also Cooper Island and the incredibly gorgeous and remote Anegada. We chartered a 50 ft. catamaran and sailed for 10 days in the BVI’s. Ahhh….my absolute favorite place on earth. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories!

  5. My husband and I went to the US Virgin Islands on our honeymoon. We camped at Cinnamon Bay on St. John, and then went to an “eco-resort”, Maho Bay. It was amazing!! So relaxing, beautiful, and we didn’t even need passports to get there!
    Also, thinking of Block Island… I lived in South Kingston, RI and both of my sisters spent their summers working on Block Island. (Yum, coffee milk!! And Dell’s!)
    The hardest thing about Upstate NY is not being within 5 minutes of the ocean!! Although I love the Caribbean, even walking along the beach on the Atlantic in winter is an amazing experience.

  6. I forgot about Dell’s! There is nothing like it. And I have only heard INCREDIBLE things about St. John. Really great for outdoorsy types, looking to explore a tropical location. I heard the hiking is awesome!

  7. One word, Erin…Paris. But then you knew I would say that, right? πŸ˜‰ That was our original honeymoon destination – a return trip to our fave city for 2 weeks! Then, 9/11 happened 2 weeks before our wedding. We changed it to Maui, but still kept the Paris plans (we were able to use the plane tix later and the owner of the our rental loft was super cool about the whole situation) and eventually made it there for our first anniversary. Which then kicked off our annual Paris trip until the baby came along.

    Oh, now look what you did? Now I have the travel bug to return to Paris! Sigh…

  8. But does the travel bug ever really go away? I did indeed know you would say that Cathe, but now you can write your blog post, or several, on Paris for Honeymooners (or 2nd Honeymooners, since my husband and I are dying to get there someday!). I would love to read all about your fave spots especially those little-known, but wonderful cafΓ©s and bistros.

    PS Have you seen the movie “Paris Je t’aime”? (Of course you have, what am I thinking :)) My favorite scene is the one in PΓ¨re Lachaise. So that’s the first touristy thing I’d want to do in Paris. Where else could you find Edith Piaf, Delacroix, Isadora Duncan, and Jim Morrison all together in one place?!

  9. I’m loving these comments! Leigh – we’ve camped at Maho Bay (the eco-friendly place) a dozen times! Took our kids there two years ago and they fell in love with it. Did you know you can stay for free in the summer if you volunteer to work at Maho 4 hours a day? It’s in our retirement plans. πŸ™‚

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