Kick the CROP out of those other Hole Punchers!!!


Everyone piped up when I wrote about my love for the Scotch ATG, I figured it was time to give props to the other love of my (art, design, and crafting) life— The Crop-A-Dile!™ from We R Memory Keepers. Honestly, I was living in hole-punching misery before this baby walked into my life! My hands hurt, I was using terrible foul language whenever I had to punch holes, and every once in a while I’d end up punching 1/8 of an inch off from where I was aiming. Grrrr. One of the designers who recommended this tool to me (and I must say that MANY designers recommended this tool) said “it cuts through eight pieces of card stock like butta’!” That’s no joke.

The Crop-A-Dile!™ is very quiet. It wasn’t like I was waking my kids from their nap with previous punchers, but at least now I can hear Lil’ Mama’s questionable critiques (I mean can’t we do better than “Next time ya’ll need to GO HARD!” after every single performance?!) when I am watching my latest obsession America’s Best Dance Crew and happily punching paper at the same time. No need to mock my TV taste (my husband has that covered), but I danced all my life and through college so that’s my excuse for being ridiculously into this show.

And if easing the horror of hole-punching was not enough (you can choose between 1/8 and 3/16 inch diameters), it also sets snaps and eyelets of both sizes! What more could a paper-loving girl ask for? OK, well maybe an Accucut, but that’s super expensive so I’ll just have to be satisfied with the thrill I get from my $25 Crop-A-Dile!™. Even more thrilling? “It’s PINK! FOR GIRLS!” as my 3 and half year old would say, much to her delight. Warning: the Crop-A-Dile!™ is pretty heavy, so don’t leave it around the kids or on the edge of a table where it could fall onto scantily sock-covered toes (can you tell I speak from experience?).

I think the only thing the Crop-A-Dile!™ can’t do is plant an eyelet or a hole smack in the middle of a large piece of paper. I’ve needed to do that in the past, but not often and you can always get a universal eyelet setter for under $10 for that task. My favorite Crop-A-Dile!™ feature? Far and away, the depth gauge! Punching two holes in the same places every time on 300+ invites? Priceless. Oh yeah, and did I mention We R Memory Keepers touts the Crop-A-Dile!™ as cutting through wood, poly, metal, leather, fabric (ever tried to hole punch fabric? More Grrrr…), chipboard and more? I love my Crop-A-Dile!™ and I need to keep her in fighting form for my paper projects, so I haven’t tried her on other media. But if someone else has a “My Crop-A-Dile!™ cut through this!” story…do tell. Thanks We R Memory Keepers for taking the pain out of punching!

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  1. Oh, my Erin… I gotta check this little tool out then if it punches 8 sheets of cardstock like “butta”! I dread using my 1/8″ hold puncheroo…

    And I am dying to get the Accucut, too!

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