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Today is Earth Day and I have to share a few of the most well-designed (and earth friendly!) skin care products I’ve had the pleasure of trying. I am officially obsessed with Kiss My Face’s Obsessively Organic facial care line! Why you ask? Because it WORKS. I say that these products are well designed because they excel in both form and function. From the packaging to the effectiveness of the individual formulas, this is a group of stellar products that each stand out individually while also working in perfect harmony with each other. Of course they’ve all got obscenely cute and catchy names, which makes me love them even more.

Currently I’m using the products geared toward normal to dry skin. I start with “Clean for a Day” creamy cleanser, which is as much a treat for my nose as it is for my skin. Scented with natural vanilla and tangerine, I always think to myself that it smells like I’m washing with a yummy smelling cream pie filling. The best part is I don’t gain any weight and there’s none of that stickiness! Next up is the anti-aging powerhouse serum “C The Change.” I love this stuff and so would the wrinkle lines on my forehead…if they were still visible!! I am new to serum use, but over the past few weeks I cannot deny the changes I’ve seen in my skin. It looks and feels healthier, with less wrinkles and redness to boot. Since this is my night routine, I follow up with “Under Age” an ultra hydrating moisturizer. This is a rich cream (I use a very small bit with each application) but my skin just sucks it right up. I can’t give all the credit to the serum, as I feel this moisturizer contributes a great deal to softening my skin and smoothing out fine lines as well. Of course, it’s also got a lovely rose garden type fragrance. Amazingly, not perfumey or too floral, but rather fresh smelling…like a bouquet of botanicals.

There are lots more options you can add to this routine, especially if you have special concerns. There’s a botanical acne gel in the line, a moisturizer with sunscreen for day use, a deep pore cleansing mask and a body scrub as well. The only extra treatment I’ve tried so far has been KMF’s “So Refined” facial scrub. I use it once a week or whenever I need a little oomph in my complexion. Next I’m itching to try their “Eyewitness” eye repair cream and “Balancing Act” toner.

When it comes to Kiss My Face I have to admit, I might be a bit biased. They’re based right next to my little hometown and I’ve been familiar with (and a fan of) their products since I was a high schooler. Another fact I love about Kiss My Face is that they’re the only independently owned major natural personal care company. And the company is still owned and operated by the founders!

I may be a fan of beauty products, but there have been plenty of casualties over the years—products that just didn’t work, moisturizers that fostered breakouts, too heavy, too smelly…the list goes on. How refreshing it is to find a line that works for me, and that works to benefit the earth as well! Happy Earth Day!

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