Lather Up!—Sweet Soapylove® Bars


As most of you know, Jen and I love a good collaboration. Which is why I was thrilled when Jen told me she was “cooking” up an idea with the delightful Deb from Soapylove®. The result? Super cool hand made soaps exclusive to Sweet Talk Boutique! Sweet smelling, with loads of lather, these non-edible soap bars are available in round with cupcakes in vanilla frosting scent, or square with our tiara and bubblegum princess scent. Mmmmm…

Just in time for the holidays, our Sweet Soapylove® bars make perfect gifts! Paired with our Signature Stationery or one of our fabulous and functional new purse hooks (how cool are those?!), these soaps are an even bigger hit. Of course you could send ’em along with some of our famous cookies too. This way, when you’re done washin’ up…you can throw on your cozy bathrobe, kick up those fuzzy slippers (you know you’ve got ’em), and enjoy a yummy snack. Now that’s sweet!

Edit: Hey, Jen just commented that we’re offering fab little poufs (you know…those sudsy, scrubby shower thingies!) free with each order while supplies last! Hooray for freebies!

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  1. Hey Erin! Great post, I wanted to hop in here and add that I just got that fab little poufs to add to each order for free while supplies last!

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