Light My Fire!


My fabulous friend and neighbor Sue gave me an awesome, scented Votivo Candle a few years ago. It happened to be the Joie de Noël fragrance from their seasonal collection and smelled heavenly. With that, a tradition was begun. Now we both love to search (or should I say sniff) out delicious smelling candles and surprise each other with them for birthdays and holidays. I discovered Jimmy Soy Candles, when searching for a gift for Sue a few years ago. I’m thinking I either got her Tuscan Sun or Thai Ginger Citrus. Both sound yummy.

One of the biggest fans of our candle exchange is my husband. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy living in a nice smelling home? His enthusiasm encouraged me to find some candles that were a bit more manly than the usual floral and fruity fragrances out there. That’s how I came across Books Candles from French Publisher Assouline, and offered in limited edition wood, leather and bibliothque scents. I was so excited about these that I wrote about them as Style Mama, for last year. There’s a new Style Mama there now, but I still love Assouline’s idea of a candle designed to evoke the warm and earthy smells of a library. The leather scented candle I chose is a hit with my husband and guests alike. If paging through a first edition volume fireside in a cozy leather armchair appeals to you, then these candles are perfection. I found a few still available over the internet and at a fairly reduced price, which is nice.

My wonderful friend Sue got me a candle last week from Chesapeake Bay Candle Company. It’s part of a travel-themed line that showcases the fragrances of exotic locations. This one is Casablanca and features a blend of nutmeg and cinnamon rolled in crushed cloves…mmmm. I’d say it’s yet another addition to my candle collection, but I love lighting good candles so much, that they never are around for too, too long. I’m a one-candle woman I guess. My delightful friend Sue? Well I hope to keep her around for quite some time and with many more candle exchanges as well!

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  1. I'm a candle fanatic – love to collect them but I was always afraid to burn them because then they're gone. 🙁 However, with our recent extended power outage, I had no choice but to start burning every candle we owned. I realized that candles are meant to be burned & enjoyed – not stored and looked at. 🙂

  2. I love the idea of a candle exchange. I have special gift exchanges that are similar between girlfriends. I really love a nicely scented candle that actually WORKS and I am always on the hunt for new ones. The worst is when you buy a scented candle to find out there is no scent!

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