Mad Nibblin’!


Jen, Sweet Talk Boutique’s Butter and Sugar, recently debuted our new MadNibbles cookie on her blog. Honestly, I can’t say it any better than Jen. After all, these word wacky cookies were her crazy idea and I’ve got boatload of work to do. If you’re not a regular reader of Jen’s blog…take a look around while you’re there. If you’re a wedding fanatic like me, you’ll love her bubble-bursting post on wedding cake myths entitled: Attention Please…Not All Fondant Tastes Like Crap…. It’s that sort of stuff that makes me happy that I get to work with Jen on a regular (not quite everyday, but almost) basis. But anyway…Here’s her MadNibbles post word for word (Oh yes, and I asked permission first!):

Didn’t you just ______those cool ______ fill in the blank note _______ that you could _____ with all your ______? LOL We loved ’em. We loved ’em so much we could just eat ’em…now you can too. We’ve designed our own text to suit any fill in the blank craziness you can come up with and put it on our yummy cookies to ship out fresh to you or your pal.

Just like all our Invitastions, you get to pick the box color and ribbon color, but this time the matching card that comes with the cookie is a pre-printed post card all ready to be addressed and mailed from the recipient to you or anyone else they want to share the fun with. We also send an edible marker to fill in those blanks! Hey, we’ll even try to match or compliment the marker color to the ribbon color when possible.

$20 each and available now at Sweet Talk Boutique! In addition to the new fresh look on the home page and the introduction of MadNibbles, we’ve got some other goodies in the works. Check back often this summer to see some cute gift ideas we’re bringing to our boutique just for you!

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