More Halloween Treats!


Pumpkins around Flickr
1. Heirloom Pumpkins, 2. Pumpkins, 3. the pumpkin patch by pinhole, 4. patch o’ pumpkins, 5. smiley pumpkin, 6. multiformed pumpkins, 7. Sea of Pumpkins, 8. Good Morning Pumpkins!!!, 9. the storm-clouded, infrared pumpkin patch
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Last week, Jen and I were invited to a Halloween Blog Party! Actually, it was more like our cookie was invited, but we didn’t mind. As evidenced by the Sweet Talk Boutique line of products, Jen and I are all for non-traditional invitation fare. Many thanks to Lyns of Sweet Cuppin Cakes Bakery for bringing us along for the ride and for introducing me to artist Vanessa Valencia’s blog A Fanciful Twist. Very cool. To keep you all in the Halloween spirit, here are some super cool pumpkin shots from around Flickr. Enjoy!

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