Must-see Mondays: Jen’s Cake-tacular Grand Finale!


Last Wednesday I blogged about assisting my friend, and collaborator over at Sweet Talk Boutique, Jen Comfort with an incredible She Takes The Cake project. When I say assisting, I actually mean that I stood around gawking and providing a few laughs while painting fondant. These beautiful cakes were for a New York City Movie-themed wedding. There were 16 (count ’em!) centerpiece cakes each depicting a different movie. The name of each movie provided the name for that table. I’d tell you more about the actual wedding cake, but I’d rather send you over to Jen’s blog to hear the scoop direct from the sugar artist herself. Jen’s amazing project is finished and you can read about it, and check out pictures HERE. Enjoy fans of weddings and just wild creativity in general! Beautiful work Jen!

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  1. Thanks again for your help and company Erin! I hope we’ll have many, many more chances to work together…in the same room at the same time!!

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