Must-See Mondays: Mad Men


Alright, so I’m new to Mad Men on AMC but I am already in love. The clothes, the style, the times (1960’s New York), the somewhat soapy yet cinematic vibe. This show was made for me. The success of Mad Men definitely lies in the details. The show’s creator Matthew Weiner obviously cares a great deal about production design and has researched everything from what sort of drinks should be poured at the office or how a 60’s psychiatrist would treat his patient, to what shade of lipstick the ladies should be wearing and the exact look (and girth!) of a Xerox 914. I personally loved how the premiere episode of season two featured Jacqueline Kennedy’s 1962 Valentine’s Day tour of the newly-restored White House and used it to link various story lines together. But I must admit design nerd did kick in when copywriter Peggy presents an ad mockup to creative director Don Draper using the typeface Zapfino designed by Hermann Zapf in 1998. Quell ‘horror! Still, I’ll overlook that little blunder (aaah the blinders one wears in a new romance), but my eyes are now very peeled and looking for some authentic 1960’s advertising design. C’mon Mad Men, show me what you’ve got!

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