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If you haven’t heard about Operation Nice yet, I guarantee you’ll find out about it soon! Back in early September Nice Blogger Melissa gave her many readers an assignment to make a Love List (I know some of you have already made yours!). The only caveat? You can name anyone who you know personally (this is tougher than it sounds). I’m a little late but I’ve been giving some thought to mine. Here are the things I love:

I love getting out of my car to fill it with gas and hearing an awesome song playing over the station’s speakers. I also love when I manage to hit a round number on the pump (YES!! 30.00 EXACTLY!!! WOOHOOO). I love wet, sloppy, kisses from babies. Oh and their chubby wrists too. The red highlights in my air that make me feel like me. A beautifully composed photograph. A brand spanking new set of Windsor-Newton watercolors and a block of cold-pressed Arches paper. A cozy sweater on a chilly autumn day. Creamsicle twist soft-serve in the middle of summer. Picking fresh strawberries or blueberries. Anything with goat cheese! The power of prayer. A couple’s first dance at their wedding. Actually, just weddings in general. Restaurants with open kitchens. Dancing like a crazy woman. The ballet. Dress-up clothes. When you get a hug from someone who really means it and isn’t just phoning it in. Walking on a trail in the Shawangunk Mountains. Chicago. The alphabet. Typography. Words. Stunning graphic design. Sitting by my fireplace and drinking a cup of tea. My parents’ Christmas tree. My bedroom, when it is all clean and straightened. Handwritten letters. Japanese paper. Stationery. Love notes written on graph paper. VIntage tea cups. Postcards (stamped and sent ones!). Finding a chore already done for you. A well-written blog post.

I’m sure I’ll tie this post up and think of a million more, but those are a few things that make my world a nicer place. Actually, I’m glad I did this assignment, even if I was a bit tardy. I’m now going to make an effort to ensure I do (or eat, or find…etc.) more often. I’ve been finding that when we brighten up our own world, we often brighten up the worlds of others as well!

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  1. I love it! You’ve got some great ones in there that I would have (and should have remembered!) to put on my list! Isn’t it amazing how fun it is when you just sit down and put to paper (or, um, type) all of the things that makes your day? Maybe we should one again, on a monthly basis.. a monthly love list! YAY!

    I love, love tea, too! It’s a nice change up from my usual cup of joe… I love the vanilla tea from Taylors of Harrogate — especially with some creme and sugar (3 cubes, please!). YUM!

  2. Ooh, a monthly love list! That’s a great idea, Cathe!

    I love chubby baby wrists too. 🙂 Thank you so much for making a list! They are so fun to read!

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