National Stationery Show Review, The Pen Pavilion


At first blush, I figured “The Pen Pavilion” would be sort of boring, and there was definitely a different vibe for the most part in the writing instrument aisles (lots more men, business suits and important looking meetings going on). But a girl who truly loves paper of course loves pens and pencils too, so I had to check it out. I am attached to my ultra-fine point sharpies (perfect for writing on stardream by the way). And I have always loved drawing with roller ball pens…I’m looking at you sad collection of almost empty Pilot Precise V5 pens in extra fine point black. You have served me well.

My husband, an engineer, also enjoys a nice pen and recently introduced me to Uni-ball’s Signo Micro 207. It’s spring-loaded which is not a real plus for my needs, but I’ll give it a chance. My three year old did some preliminary quality testing today while doodling with “Daddy’s Pen” and managed to bust the spring, but it was easily fixed…so points for that Uni-ball. I’ll definitely put it into my rotation and perhaps I’ll sleep easier at night knowing I can now prevent check washing and make cute illustrations with a single writing instrument.

But back to the Pen Pavillion. I put aside the above preferences and found two items of interest. One was the Yoropen, a uniquely designed pen that reduces writing strain and was a NSS Best New Product Winner in 2007. I didn’t get to try one at the show, but plan to try one soon. I’m wondering if it might take some getting used writing with this very different design? I’ll keep you posted, and if anyone has tested one out, feel free to comment with your thoughts on it. Offered in several lines (Standard, Superior, and Executive) and styles (ballpoint, pencil, and even crayon)…there seems to be a price point to fit almost every budget. I’m thinking one of these would be a perfect stocking stuffer for my husband since the design is advertised as beneficial to left-handers for a variety of reasons.

My favorite writing instrument booth of all was Batle Studios. These graphite sculptures you can write with stopped me in my tracks they were so beautiful. The Olive Branch, Twisting Leaf, Wing and Thatcher Shell from their current collection are my favorites, along with the Calla pictured here. Stunningly crafted, these beauties won’t rub off on your hand. Now if only I had an awesomely clean and organized workspace fit to place one on.

Got a pen or pencil you adore? Comment and let me know. I love writing of course, but I’m even more curious to know what other illustrators and designers like drawing with. As for the Pen Pavillion, I’m glad I strolled through. Not quite the rush I got (am I geeky or what!?) as toured the actual stationery aisles, but fun nonetheless.

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  1. Wow, you really love pens. I love the sharpie but favor the Micron. But usually stick to the mechanical pencils. I have like a million of them…and lots of kneaded erasers. the computer takes care of the rest for me. Great post, I think I might actually be tired of hearing about the other part of the NSS : )

  2. You hit on something very important there. Children love to take pens apart and, as a result, lose springs! I have an art pencil that is as small as my pinky. I found it in college. It’s softer than a #2, and I’m no illustrator, but I love the way it writes.

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