Nature’s Design


From yesterday’s look at Iceland, to an oasis closer to my home in Central New York…Ithaca. Located on the southern tip of Lake Cayuga. My sister and brother-in-law went to school at Cornell and when they were in town this weekend for a wedding, we drove an hour or so to spend some time with them at the Ithaca Farmers Market. This Farmer’s market has everything you could possibly want…mountains of fresh flowers, talented musicians littered throughout the pavilion, crunchy veggies and juicy organic fruit, probably the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had, and a dock where you can pull up your boat or stick your feel into Cayuga Lake. Ithaca and the Finger Lakes Region as a whole, is terrific for “design spotting” (and grape growing and wine drinking as well). And I’m not just talking about it’s famous logo found on the T-shirt I’ve pictured here.

I love to look for design in nature and there is more than enough nature in Ithaca. During this visit I got to visit Cascadilla Gorge, a narrow 400-foot canyon, free from the hustle and bustle of the city and development above. My brother-in-law informed me that FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps constructed the pathways and bridges staircases that wind through the gorge…pretty impressive if you ask me. Even cooler is Cascadilla’s ever changing nature, which leaves piles of shale in huge range of shapes and sizes all over the bottom of the gorge. Of course, the best part about many of the gorges in New York state If you’re ever in New York and want to see some of nature’s design for yourself check out Letchworth State Park (AKA the Grand Canyon of the East)

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