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Sorry I’ve been out of touch for a few days! I’ve been finishing up some large projects and getting ready to take (gasp!) a break from the office. I guess I shouldn’t say I’ve been “off the rails” as that implies some damage or abnormality, but I wanted to choose a phrase that went nicely with this 1930 poster design I found at, of the Storm King New York Central Lines by Walter L. Greene. I could honestly look at vintage travel posters all day long! It’s pretty easy for me to sit and daydream about the adventures I’d have in some exotic or scenic locale. What’s great about vintage posters like this one is that it inspires you to not only ponder the location, but also the time period as well. This one got me thinking about a line from an Ani DiFranco song “I dream of touring like duke ellington, in my own railroad car. I dream of waiting on the tall blonde wooden benches in a grand station aglow with grace…” I can almost see myself there with a cute pencil skirt, gloves and a hat of course. Maybe wearing something like this.

Daydreaming aside. I’ve been eyeing this print up for a while and wanting it for my home. Being from the Hudson River valley, Storm King Mountain is a familiar sight. During the times when I commuted from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central Station on a regular basis, I had the fortune to soak up the landscape originally labeled ‘The Water Level Route’ by New York Central Lines. Sure the “upwards of sixty luxurious passenger trains a day…that coddled patrons in leather and mahogany, offering fine meal service in well-appointed dining coaches and restful sleep in hushed Pullmans” has changed into the Metro-North Commuter Rail or Amtrak, but in many areas the river landscape still retains the charm it had back in the 1930’s.

There’s a few new sights added to the line as well. These days the Storm King Arts Center sits beneath the mountain’s gaze. Gorgeous in any season, this outdoor museum celebrates nature almost as much as it does sculpture. But as their website notes it’s really about the relationship between the two, which is also what I’ve found most captivating on my visits. I live a few hours away now, so I think this poster would be a nice reminder of home (and some excellent fodder for additional daydreaming). I’ll be out of town the middle of next week into the week after, but I promise to have a few posts to share while I’m away. Gotta love blogger’s advanced scheduling feature!

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  1. Count me as another lover of vintage travel posters. There is something from that era that just captivates… Funny, I was just telling my hubby here that the 1930’s fashion is one that I can be fine with coming back again, completely reinvented.

    Have fun with your time off!

  2. I’ve made that drive up the Thruway quite a number of times myself and it’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    And enjoy your vacation!

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