Picture this: Fin + Roe Photo Correspondence


There is a HUGE demand for photo correspondence these days. How do I know? I send out a lot of personal holiday cards (around 100) each year, and I always seem to get around 80 or so delivered to my mailbox. Most of those are photo cards, featuring the smiling faces of new babies born over the past year, groups of unruly children in soccer uniforms, or perfectly preened young ladies in their holiday best. I LOVE the shots of cute children. The big bummer? The photo retail giants out there offer a limited selection of designs. Worse, those designs often fall short when it comes to enhancing and highlighting the best part of photo cards: the picture.

Which is why I wanted to tell you about Fin + Roe. Besides the fresh colors, modern patterns and the ability to mix and match, I love the way this company’s designs let the photography SHINE! So if you’re thinking about a holiday photo card this year for your family, check these guys out. As a stationery designer myself, I feel compelled to create my own cards from scratch each year. It’s become a holiday tradition. But for those who prefer to have a little elf create your cards for you…do take a look at Fin + Roe’s adorable collection. The grandparents and your friends will thank you. And If you’re one of those people who send me a card each year, I’ll have something a little more unique to deck my halls with. Alright kids…smile for the camera!

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  1. They are awesome, Lori! I have tons of those cards from holidays past. It’s hard to toss them every year, so we put them all into a photo album. It’s nice to see the progression of the kids and families as the years go by!

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