Playing with Pinecones


Pinecones from Around Flickr
1. Cluster of Pinecones, 2. Origami Pinecone, 3. pinecone on the piled ginkgo-leaves, 4. Pinecone 2, 5. Pinecone, 6. pinecone bokeh, 7. pinecones, 8. Pinecones, 9. Pinecone rose

I love seasonal decorating. Rich colors, luxurious textures, and holidays on the horizon, are just a few of the things that make Autumn my favorite season. Easily found (where I live at least) and free (always a plus!), I love to decorate with pine cones. Their simple presence makes my mantle just a little bit warmer. You can also string them into a funky, rustic garland. That always makes my relatively uninteresting staircase a tad more fun. I’ve made Christmas ornaments from pine cones or coated them with peanut butter and birdseed and hung them outside as a tasty birdtreat (Kids love to make them and watch the birds flock!). I’ve also filled big baskets with them and put them near my fireplace, they look great and make excellent kindling.

Recently my friend Jennifer over at She Takes The Cake posted a lovely shot of a cake she did that featured pine cones. I think pine cones would be a lovely accent to any Fall or Winter themed wedding and it seems brides are increasingly using this motif as part of their day. Pine cones can be used to create the florets that adorn these cute Place Cards from Martha Stewart, or they can be used as simple but beautiful place card holders themselves. I think I need to get going on some pine cone themed invitations.

Looking around my yard and at some of the decorating I’ve already started should provide some inspiration, as well as the fabulous resource that is I so enjoyed scouting around for these shots! How cool is that orgami pinecone? And don’t those sparkly ones look charming on that gift? Alright, time to design. But before I go let me ask…are there any other natural objects you like to decorate with? Do tell! When I’m not on the hunt for images, I’m always looking out for great ideas!

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  1. I was just out at the park with my son and saw a few pine cones — thought of your post here immediately! I love branches, bare ones, and then handing things on them. I also love living trees for the holidays that I can decorate and then after the holidays they are still living and thriving! Once, i had a small ivy plant that was shaped into an Xmas tree and that was our tree for the season, complete with mini light strands! Way cute at the foyer to greet guests.

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