Sending Smiles…one card (or several!) at a time


If you haven’t heard of Spirit Jump…check it out. As it says on the website “Spirit Jump is a program that directly connects the gift giver with a person battling cancer. It was founded in November, 2008 by two young women who have both battled cancer.” Handmade gifts are especially encouraged, and I’ve been so fortunate to have found this organization so that I can share my craft and (hopefully!) boost some spirits in the process.

Today I sent out the two cards above, which are designs I created for Sweet Talk Boutique. I hope it lightens the load a bit for the two people who receive them, or at least helps them crack a smile. I for one, always underestimate the joy I feel when sending a little gift, or encouragement and good wishes to someone who needs it. I never fail to be moved and blessed by the experience. Thanks to The Sprit Jump ladies Meaghan and Stacy, for all the effort they put into Spirit Jump. They are true inspirations. And I love being a “Jumper!”

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  1. What a great post and I couldn’t have said it better myself! I think people who become “jumpers” are pleasantly surprised at how much it jumps their spirits. Battling cancer is a terribly difficult, lonely and very scary thing to endure. Getting a little card is a wonderful distracting and give you that little extra encouragement to keep fighting hard.

    If anyone wants to join just email me

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