Shopping at Swank with Becky OH!


Custom note cards, originally uploaded by Becky OH.

As I mentioned on Friday, myself and Jen of She Takes The Cake had the pleasure of visiting the “Fondue and Fashion” celebration at Swank this weekend in Hamilton, NY. Swank is a lovely boutique with a whole lot of vintage, yet modern feel. Even more thrilling was the chance to meet Becky, of Becky OH! who lucky for us, was having a trunk show at Swank this weekend.

I’ve gotten to know Becky’s work through forums and Flickr, but it’s not often I get to meet designers from outside my local area in person. As a result I wanted to make Becky some stationery to celebrate the start of show season, and I thought her tag line “Thanks for being so stylish” was perfect for paper. Pictured are a few fun shots Becky took of the cards, complete with some fun Japanese and Indian papers (which I thought captured Becky’s flair for pattern) and one with just a smidge of “bling” (because who doesn’t need some sparkle?!). I love designing for other women business owners, especially designers, artists and creators of all types. Jen of course took along some of her awesome custom logo cookies for Becky too. We find it’s always nicest to come bearing gifts.

Becky’s was definitely shining at Swank this weekend! What a delight to meet such a sweet and talented artist. I LOVE the handbag I got and I hope to share a picture with you guys today or tomorrow. Now I’m off to start coordinating all of the outfits I’ll need to go with it!

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