Siblings share the news!


When there is news to be told, my daughter loves to be the one to tell it. So when I gave birth to her sister (yikes, almost 2 years ago!), I figured she should do the announcing. While I love birth announcements of all types, my favorite ones to design these days are the ones from the big brother or sister. I’m not the only one who loves letting the siblings spread the news. Check out these darling (and funny) announcements from Petite Alma for Tiny Prints. So sweet.

The announcement pictured here was a great excuse to take lots of pictures of my little girls and go hog-wild with the pinkest papers I could find. The sash slides off to reveal all the important baby stats. Now that they’re 3 and 21 months, I have no want for pink in my life. It’s Daughter #1’s favorite color (of course) and the first color Daughter #2 learned. Of course the second color she learned was purple. Looks like Daughter #1 is quite the little art instructor.

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  1. Oh, that is just adorable. From the sea of blue over here, Erin… I can only admire your pinks from afar! Those are such cute announcements, aren’t they?

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