Sometimes it’s OK to play with your food…


Especially when it’s part of a valiant effort to make mealtime more appealing, or fun for some preschoolers. Spring has officially sprung here and I’ve been sure (even when it’s pouring outside) to serve up a little sunshine on my daughters’ plates as a reflection of the season. I’m definitely no Hippo Mum, but I do give it my best shot making healthy and pretty meals for my little girls. And with increasingly picky taste-buds, a little design aesthetic applied to their foodstuffs seems to make everything go down a little smoother, and lunchtime a lot less tiring on this Mommy. How do you spice up your kids meals? With new and interesting tastes? Sneaking in some stealthy and healthy staples? Or do you just fall back on making pretty pictures like me?! Whatever works, right?

4 Responses to "Sometimes it’s OK to play with your food…"
  1. I wish I could say that my kids' lunches look like those! Sometimes the mood strikes and I get creative but I don't do it nearly enough. I could use a little inspiration & motivation every once in a while and this meal looks adorable!

  2. You guys are so sweet. Honestly, It's all about the cookie cutters. That little bunny is a PB&J sandwich (which is pretty much #1 's standard lunch request). Apparently if it's shaped like and animal or flower it tastes better. Who knew?

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